Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register on

To register as a buyer agent, go to, click on the "Buyer Agent Registration" link, and enter the required information. Be sure to read and accept the Terms of Use. Then click the "Submit" button. Because is powered by Pyramid Platform, if you are already registered as an agent with Pyramid Platform you may use that username and password to login to

I am having trouble finding the property using the Property Search page. What should I do?

If you are unable to find a property, try entering less information in the search fields. Parts of the address could be abbreviated. For example, "123 South Main Street" could be listed as "123 S Main St" or "123 So. Main Street." Searching for "123" would find all of these variations where searching for "123 South Main Street" would not. Also, the Property Search screen will default the State to the state that you entered at registration. To search for properties in other states, change this to the appropriate state.

Can I submit an offer for other states where I am licensed?

Yes. The Property Search screen will default the State to the state that you entered at registration. To search for properties in other states, change this to the appropriate state.

What documents are required when I submit an offer?

For cash offers, a copy of the following documents are required to be submitted with the initial offer: Purchase Contract, Earnest Money Check, and Proof of Funds. For all other offers, a copy of a Pre-Approval Letter is also required.

Why is a copy of an Earnest Money Check required when I submit an offer rather than when it is accepted?

The seller requires a copy of the Earnest Money Check to be submitted with the initial offer. If earnest money will be wired, you may upload proof of the funds to be used.

How long will it take for the seller to respond to my offer?

While each seller is different, you should typically receive a response within 24 to 48 hours, excluding holidays and weekends. Occasionally, a seller may be required to obtain additional approvals to accept an offer. In this case it may take longer.

My buyer's offer was countered by the seller. How do I respond to the counter offer?

Login to and click on the Pending Tasks tab. You will see a "Seller Counter Offer" task. Click on that task to open the Offer History screen. The seller's counter offer will be displayed. Below the seller's counter you will have buttons to accept, reject, or counter. Click the appropriate button. If you click the "Counter" button a new column will be added to the offer history where you can enter the terms of your counter offer. Click the "Submit" button to submit the counter offer.

My buyer's offer was accepted by the seller. What do I do next?

After your offer is accepted, you will be contacted by the Listing Agent to obtain the final contract package. Acceptance of the offer is subject to review and approval of the final contract package by the seller. Seller acceptance of the offer will be considered final only upon the execution of the final contract documents by ALL parties

My buyer has an accepted offer. Now that their inspections are completed they want to modify the offer. How do I submit the modified offer?

Login to and click on the Offer History tab. This will list all of the offers that you have submitted. Find the correct Buyer and click the "View" link. This will take you to the Offer History for that Buyer. Click on the "Modify" button at the top right of the screen. After clicking this button you will then have a "Counter" and a "Cancel" button below the accepted offer. Click the "Counter" button and enter the modified offer terms.

My buyer's offer was rejected. Can I submit a new offer for the same buyer?

Yes. Follow the same steps for submitting the original offer.

Why am I being charged an Offer Management Fee? is an offer management system that allows buyer agents to submit offers directly to the seller for consideration. This benefits the buyer by assuring them that their offer has been immediately presented to the seller and is not delayed or withheld. Providing this service requires resources and incurs costs which in turn requires a fee to be charged. The fee will be paid on the HUD and will only be charged if the offer is accepted and the transaction closes.

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